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Starch exists as a carbohydrate in nature, derived from fruits, grain, and vegetables. It is utilized by the body once it has been broken down

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Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analysis

This method was developed by Johan Kjeldahl in 1883 for determining nitrogen in both organic and inorganic compounds. Ammonia and ammonium are determined for their

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ISO 17034 Accreditation

The ISO 17034 Standard replaced Guide 34 in 2016. It specifies requirements for Certified Reference Material producers (CRM’s). One of these strict requirements is the

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Ammonium Hydroxide

Ammonium hydroxide (also known as aqua ammonia) is mainly produced by a reaction of ammonia gas with water. The most well-known process that utilizes ammonia

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Hematoxylin Harris Stain

Hematoxylin stains are commonly employed for histologic studies, often employed to color the nuclei of cells (and a few other objects, such as keratohyalin granules)

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Silver Nitrate 0.1N

Silver Nitrate is a non-hydroscopic salt of silver that is soluble in water. It is relatively stable to light compared to sensitive silver fluoroborate and

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