Potassium Bromate Standard Solutions

Commercial uses of potassium bromate includes its use in the baking industry, bleaching of dough, and enhancement of the process of rising of the dough. Bromate is banned in certain countries for food use. It has been linked to a variety of ailments such as nausea, cramps, and cancer. Currently it is still used in the US. The concentration in food is very low, about 20 – 30ppm. 

In the analytical lab, potassium bromate is also known simply as bromate, or bromate-bromide when bromide is included.  KBrO3 Normality solutions are used in redox titrations where the bromate is the oxidizer.  It can be assayed directly with arsenic trioxide, or indirectly with sodium thiosulfate, which is traceable to potassium dichromate primary standard. The indicator of choice here would be starch. Methyl red can also be used in bromate titrations. Both indicators reach the endpoint with a clear (colorless) reaction. The bromate formula/ion is BrO3. The equivalent weight of KBrO3 is 27.83. It is 1/6th of the formula weight.

Bromate – bromide standard solutions can be used to analyze phenols via chloroform extraction method.

Bromate traces have been known to be present in water and are considered a toxic analyte.

Exaxol offers bromate solutions of several strengths, prepared in our ISO 17025 Accredited laboratory.