ISO 17034 Accreditation

The ISO 17034 Standard replaced Guide 34 in 2016. It specifies requirements for Certified Reference Material producers (CRM’s). One of these strict requirements is the measurement and tabulation of uncertainty guidelines for a chemical standard/reference material. These uncertainties (all possible sources of error) must be stated on certificates to the end user.

A manufacturer which is not Accredited to ISO 17034 cannot offer and cannot produce for market a Certified Reference Material. An ISO 9001 Certification and /or a 17025 Accreditation does not pass the test for such a product. Only ISO 17034 assures the end user of certain chemical standards that the highest laboratory standards have been met and adhered to.

Exaxol is committed to maintaining these high standards for our customers. Exaxol meets all 3 standards- ISO 9001, ISO 17025, and the rigorous ISO 17034. Exaxol offers an extensive product line for many of these aqueous standards required in many labs doing pH and conductivity work.