Silver Nitrate 0.1N

Silver Nitrate is a non-hydroscopic salt of silver that is soluble in water. It is relatively stable to light compared to sensitive silver fluoroborate and silver perchlorate, and the nitrate is replaced easily by other ions making it a reliable precursor to other silver compounds.

Silver nitrate is commonly used in halide abstraction by reacting the silver cation with halide sources to produce the insoluble silver halide. If chlorine is used, the resulting precipitate would be white in color. If bromine is used, the precipitate would be cream in color, and if iodine is used, yellow in color. Silver nitrate is also used in histology for staining fibers and proteins.

The most commonly used variation of Silver Nitrate at Exaxol is as a chloride titrant. As a normality solution with tight tolerances of 0.2%, we provide customers with an accurate and reliable way of testing chloride content in solution using our potassium chromate 5% solution as an indicator.