ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation

The ISO 17025 Standard is a requirement for competence of laboratories to perform testing of their products as well as calibration of their equipment. It is accepted and recognized as one of the highest standards in testing chemicals/standardized solutions manufacturing. For some aqueous solutions (pH buffers and conductivity standards) the additional compliance to ISO 17034 is an even higher quality standard over a laboratory complying with 17025, and even less so to just ISO 9001.

What is the difference between labs with just the basic ISO 9001 and those with both 9001 and 17025?   ISO 9001 pertains mainly to general manufacturing practices – resources and processing and their documentation. But ISO 17025 includes more stringent requirements for the laboratory testing as well as the calibration of critical equipment – the heart and focal point of assuring the optimal quality and confidence for a manufactured chemical testing product. In other words, a lab which is just ISO 9001 certified , by definition, has not demonstrated that they are technically competent to make the products that they produce. The lab/brand name may be adhering to good practices but has not proven to have done so to auditors of ISO 17025. This may be surprising, but it is true.

Exaxol’s commitment to ISO 17025 standards is the evidence of a high degree of technical competency, in order to its products continue to improve, and provide that extra degree of quality and confidence for its customers. These products include standardized aqueous solutions, pH buffers reference standards, conductivity standards, and various gravimetric standards with precision tolerances.