Our History

Exaxol Chemical Corporation is a family owned company founded by Joseph and Serena Papa in 1988. We maintain a laboratory in Clearwater, Florida as well as a laboratory in Genoa Italy to reach the needs of our international customers. We have since earned a high degree of reliability for quality and expertise among our end-use customers and major distributors in the USA.

Our primary goal has always been to provide our quality products quickly and reliably. From stocked items to customs and private labeling, every product is manufactured with the highest degree of specifications under ISO 17025 (technical competency), ISO 17034 (Certified reference materials), and ISO 9001 Quality Systems, surpassing most brands on the market. We also recognize that each laboratory has its own specific needs and offer custom chemicals tailored for each application.

If you ever have a request or question for us, feel free to email us at info@exaxol.com.

Quality Assurance

Every single product batch conforms to their applicable ISO requirements and is systematically documented with a lot number, material reference, and test results. NIST Traceable Testing Standards are also used when applicable.

All pH buffer standards and conductivity standards above 100 μS/cm conform to all ISO 17025, ISO 9001, and ISO 17034 CRM requirements.

All standardized volumetric solutions are within 0.2% accuracy of stated value and conform to ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 requirements . 

All ICPAA, and IC standards are made with high purity inorganic salts and 18 Megohm DI water and are within 0.3% tolerance. 

All multi-element ICP’s are made with high purity inorganic salts and 18 Megohm DI water, and are within 0.5% tolerance.

Our pipets, burets, and flasks are class A certified and re-tested with ISO 17025 documentation. Our analytical balance is regularly calibrated with NIST weights, and our thermometer-hygrometer readings are recorded daily and checked for accuracy.
The quality of our custom standards is evident from our loyal customers who continue to trust us with their custom blends year after year. 

Each custom blend is made using Calibrated Class A pre-cleaned glassware from the highest 99.9999% purity starting materials, High Purity Acid Matrices, and 18 Megaohm Type I Water. It is submitted to a multiple check QC Procedure which verifies: elements, concentration, lot numbers, expiration date, aliquots, pipettes, and matrices. 

Most custom Multi Standards are guaranteed for one year with an accuracy of +/- 0.5% of the stated value, and all certification data is included on the Certificate of Analysis. 

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ISO Accreditations

Exaxol is proud to hold accreditations for ISO 17025 (Technical Competency) , ISO 17034 (Certified Reference Materials), and certification in ISO 9001 Quality Systems. We are regularly audited to confirm our adherence to the standards set forth. 

Traceability: Everything we do is logged and recorded with a date, referencing everything from the lot numbers of the raw materials we use to manufacture and test our products, to the daily temperature readings of our thermometer-hygrometer. 

Control of Documents: All of our internal documents (including product certificates, manufacturing logs, purchase orders, and retain test sample logs) have set templates, ensuring consistency through our Standard Operating Procedures.

Verification: After implementation of a corrective action, training, or lab procedure, we verify its effectiveness in the real world application. By doing this we confirm that any potential risks have been minimized and ensure a smooth and reliable operation.

Addressing Risk: Our Standard Operating Procedure is continually analyzed for potential risks, and any risks are immediately addressed by amending our procedures. This guarantees a workflow that is set to provide you with quality service with minimal downtime.

Scientific Contributions

For years Exaxol has been a steady contributor to the leading and most comprehensive publication on high purity compounds “Purification of Laboratory Chemicals” by Wilfred Armarego and Christina Li Lin Chai. Information and data provided by Exaxol includes metal impurities detected by ICP-MS on various purified inorganic compounds, most of which include starting material grade and source of manufacture.

ICP-MS results are listed showing decreasing levels with subsequent recrystallizations, providing the reader with an idea of what to expect as typical results for a given grade or source. Advice on the purification procedures of several inorganic compounds have additionally been provided over the years.