68 Component Standard, Part A (49 Components, 10µg/mL) in 2% HNO3


This item is for Set A of the 68 component set. To purchase all 3 Sets A, B, and C, search for “MS68SET”.

Contents: 10µg/mL: Ag, Al, As, Ba, Be, Bi, B, Ca, Cd, Ce, Co, Cr, Cs, Cu, Dy, Er, Eu, Fe, Ga, Gd, Ho, In, K, La, Li, Lu, Mg, Mn, Na, Nd, Ni, P, Pb, Pr, Re, Rb, Sc, Se, Sm, Sr, Tb, Th, Tl, Tm, U, V, Y, Yb, Zn

Starting Material & Matrix: 2% HNO3.

Traceable to NIST.

Safety Data Sheet

Shelf Life

12 Months